Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make yourself trip over it - the Feng Shui of the studio. 

This studio might look a little chaotic but believe me, each and every item is just where I want it! Below are some tips that work for me to make my studio it as conducive as possible to the creative process.

Put your high priority projects in the way. 
I am admittedly a little obsessive about the organization of my studio. Different projects lay in tidy piles in deliberate, strategic places. And some of them are very much in the way, on purpose. For a period of time in my life, when I was trying to establish a really consistent yoga practice, I would place my mat next to my bed so that my first step in the morning was literally into my practice. I do the same thing in my studio. I've found that in order to make sure I work on the project that is most important, I have make sure it is the first one I stumble upon entering the studio. Creative energy is fragile, fleeting, and easily clings to whatever object that comes its way. Keep it sacred by making sure that the first project it has the opportunity to seize upon entering your work space is an important one. Preferably not email. 

Keep your space dynamic.
When I find that a project has been lurking around the fringes of my studio, deadening the space and creating a black hole for creativity, move it to a more prime spot. You might start to notice that there are places in your space that draw your energy more intensely than others. Be deliberate about what you allow into those charged places. Where is the first place your eye goes to when you walk through the door? Where do you feel productive, inspired, or calm? Sometimes it's not about the project, it's about the emotional and psychological energy of the space you've delegated to it.  Make your studio conducive to focusing on the most important projects and free from stale, cobwebby corners. 

Allow a cycle from clean to chaotic.
Part of keeping my studio feeling dynamic to me is to take a day to clean and purge before a new project. Put completed work that hasn't sold out of sight, delegate projects that you need a break from to a quiet (but not stale!) corner of your space. Then let some creative chaos unfold. Use that space you've cleared to allow room for exploring and diving into your current project/s. Laying out your studio carefully doesn't necessarily mean it making it sleek and tidy all of the time- a bit of creative chaos can be invigorating.

Feeling stuck? Don't force creative work.
Giving yourself a half or full day here and there to simply be in your studio, organizing, cleaning, obsessing - not necessarily producing - can be a great way to recharge your battery, to rediscover beauty in projects you gave up on a few months ago, and to clean out those stale nooks and crannies in your inner creative space. There's nothing less conducive to creative work than forcing yourself to do it. Wait til the clarity in your studio invites you to pick up that brush.

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  1. this is wonderful, rachel! i've been sharing your posts with my writing buddies; so much resonates across the different disciplines! off to clean my office now.